Non-stop activities continue in Ganja.
Very good news: From today we are going to host "Walking Library" organized by "Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations Union"(ASYOU) for one week here in Ganja".This is very much "intellectual" car and it's full of knowledge. Just come, register and take the books you wanted to read.
By the way I managed to take one from "Paulo Coelho"

And you?
We invite all interested European citizens (including non-EU countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Georgia) to attend the event and celebrate the European Youth Festival together with the habitats of the city.
Ganja City won the the “European Youth Capital 2016” project. In order to support the “European Youth Capital 2016” project “Student Youth Union” of Ganja State University have prepared new project. The title of this project is “I volunteerness Winter School of Ganja State University students”.
The Cleaning Campaign is a stable event that's being organized on the last day of every month. This event is regarding one of the priorities volunteering. The main goal of organizing this event is keeping the environment of Ganja clean and involve our youth in volunteery works.
The event Street Art has been organized in one of the stadiums of Ganja. A group of young people gathered together to draw meaningful symbols and words for them. By implementing this event we wanted to "add some colors" to the city, to see what is important for our youth and just to have a nice time all together. By participating in the event and doing something for the city, the youth got the importance of active participation in our society.