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The event entitled  "Ganja - European Youth Capital 2016" took place in the Slovenian city of Nova Gorica

Initiated by Azerbaijan’s diplomatic mission in Ljubljana, the event was attended by the chairman of the Parliament of Slovenia, Milan Brglez, the mayor of Nova Gorica , Matej Archon, the Slovenian MPs,  and the representatives of the diplomatic corps and journalists.

The participants observed a minute of silence for Azerbaijanis who heroically died during the liberation of Slovenia from German fascism in the Second World War. A photo exhibition and a documentary film dedicated to “Ganja European Youth Capital 2016”were presented during the event with the support of the Executive Authorities of Ganja city. Addressing the event, Slovenian state and government officials spoke about the friendship relations and brotherhood that developed between Azerbaijan and Slovenia. This year declaring Ganja as Euorpean youth capital was described as obvious indicator of the development of the region. The event, which attracted the attention of journalists was widely elucidated by Slovenia leading television channel.

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