Programme Activities

The proposed activities form the backbone of our programme for the European Youth Capital year. They will be further developed in the next years and synergies with different actors and stakeholders involved in the local and international level are going to be established.

There are different kind of activities that put together our programme, among which:


− official events

− events

− seminars

− trainings

− projects

− campaigns

− festivals

−  competitions and funds


In the following pages, one can read a first description of our main activities under the 5 thematic priorities. More details will follow in due course.

***Please note that the dates of the activities can be changed depending on the preparation process or some other reasons.





 Description:  This  is  an  international  workshop  on  social  media  and  participation  that  would  provide  young  activists  with  a  space  for  sharing  reflections  and  experiences,  focusing  on  the  potential  of  social  media  in  contributing to democratic and inclusive societies in general and in sustaining youth NGOs, youth movements  and youth-led civil society organisations. Young participants, supported by experts will have the opportunity for  exchange of good practice examples and to learn from innovative tools for e-participation. The results of the No  Hate  Speech  Movement  campaign  of  the  Council  of  Europe  will  be  taken  into  consideration  as  well.  An  e-learning course will also be created based on the outcomes of this seminar.

Type of activity: seminar 

Target Group: 31young online activists, youth NGOs members, bloggers etc

Date: February 2016   

Duration: 4 days seminar

hashtags:  #youthparticipation #internetgovernance #e-participation #socialmedia




 Description: This initiative will invite young people from rural areas in the Ganja region and from other regions  to  share  their  experiences  with  other  rural  youth  from  other  European  countries.  It  will  consist  in  a  3  days  workshop  for  30  participants  on  the  empowerment  of  young  people  living  in  rural  areas  and  will  lead  to  a  drafting of recommendations for the advancement of their needs and aspirations and ways they can connect  with  other  young  people.  The  seminar  will  end  with  a  one-day  conference  where  other  international  young  people and stakeholders will be invited to exchange views. This initiative puts the basis for a network of young  rural youth around Europe. 

Target Group: young rural youth from Ganja and Europe

Duration: 4 days

Date: August 2016

hashtags: #socialinclusion #youthparticipation #volunteering




Description:  This project has been implemented in July 2015 and funded by Azerbaijan Youth Foundation. 17 young photographers from Europe (Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Hungary, Georgia, Finland, Montenegro, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Serbia) took photos of Ganja city. The jury consisting of professional photographers of Europe selected 50 best photos. The selected photos were displayed by participants in their home cities. Exhibitions in Finland, Romania, Montenegro, Ukraine, Estonia have been organized already.

Type of project: contest

Target Group: young people of Ganja, European citizens   

Duration: 1 month in Ganja for the photographers and 15 days exhibition each country   

hashtags: #youthparticipation #arts #interculturaldialogue #city #internationalcooperation




Description:  This project aims to open a creative dialogue between citizens, researchers and creative people ofGanja. This project gathers and presents in a form of an exhibition different proposals for regeneration of urban  spaces in Ganja and is supported by a number of parallel events  (workshops, artistic events and debates). The proposals are evaluated by a jury and are put forward to the municipality in order to be taken into consideration  for  future  urban  regeneration  plans.  The  cooperation  with  the  proposing  projects  teams  is  guaranteed  and  young people are encouraged to present their ideas. Citizens, the academic community and creative people of  Ganja  will  have  the  opportunity  to  meet,  exchange  opinions  and  create  networks  for  sharing  knowledge  and  proposing  new  ideas  for  the  well-being  of  their  city.  This  project  will  not  be  a  one-off  event  but  it  will  be  repeated in the following years in order to bring to the surface the creative possibilities of the city.  

Type of activity: project and workshop

Target Group: young people andcitizens of Ganja, stakeholders  

Duration: 3 days event in 2016

Date: March 2016

hashtags: #youthparticipation #urbanregeneration #socialinclusion




Description: The project wants to give an opportunity to reflect on sports as means of youth participation. In  cooperation with the sports structures of our city we are going to develop a programme for empowerment of  sports organisations. This initiative and cooperation will feed into the healthy lifestyles campaign. A workshop  on  sports  and  youth  participation  will  be  organised  with  participants  from  the  Caucasus  region  to  exchange  views and to see how to engage more young people in sports activities. 

The program has 4 stages: Marathon, championship, seminar and different competitions.

Type of activity: project

Target Group: young people in sports organisations

Duration: 3 days workshop  

hashtags: #youthparticipation #sports #healthylifestyles #internationalcooperation




Description: This project will give the opportunity to a number of dance companies composed of young people  to prepare a dance piece to be performed in one public spot in the city of Ganja during a 2 days DancingCity  festival.  International  young  dancers  will  also  be  invited  to  present  a  piece.  An  itinerary  will  be  created  and  young volunteers will “guide” the spectators throughout the city to watch the performances and see their own  city through different eyes. This project invites to see the city through different eyes. It is a dialogue between  the architecture and cultural heritage of the city and dance and we hope that it will give the opportunity to the  citizens of Ganja and to tourists to enter into a dialogue with their city as well. We hope that this event will be  inspiring  for  other  cities  in  Azerbaijan  and  the  region  to  organise  a  similar  activity  and  create  a  network  of  Dancing Cities. The aim is to invite young dancers to actively participate in the urban transformation of their city  and contribute to the development of incentives for involvement with the arts.  

Target Group: citizens and visitors of Ganja, young dancers 

Duration: 6 days festival

Date: June 2016

hashtags:  #youthparticipation #arts #socialcohesion #mycity #culturalheritage #internationalcooperation




Description:  Ganja is the birthplace of the famous poet Nizami Ganjavi. To celebrate this fact, with this project  we  want  to  organise  a  creative  writing  workshop  for  young  people  from  Europe and  invite  them  to  write a poem about the city. A selection of  poems  will  be  published  in  a  short  book  and  will  be  also  available  on7line.  We  aim  to  stimulate  stimulate  creativity among young people from Ganja and give a floor to creative expression while linking it with the city of  Ganja. 

This project has been implemented in November 2015. 15 writers and journalists from different European countries have visited historic places of Ganja city and prepared their stories and articles about the city.

Type of activity: workshop and publication  

Target Group: young people in Ganja and international   

Duration: 1 workshop in 2015  

hashtags: #youthparticipation #arts #europeancooperation #creativity




Ganja is an ancient city which has always been a cultural center of Azerbaijan. Therefore it’s important to promote multiculturalism of the city. This festival will gather different cultures of different countries in Ganja.

Type of activity: festival

Target Group: 250 young people (200 international, 50 local)

Duration: 5 days

Date: September 2016



A9. Intellectuals' “Ganja 2016 - Europe Cup”

The 3-days long Brain ring will gather 156 young people from all over Europe for an intellectual brain ring competition. 3 different types of intellectual games will be organized in the frame of this project. The project will help to discover young people with intellectual capacity.

Type of activity: competition

Target Group: 156 young people (132 from Europe, 24 from Azerbaijan)

Duration: 3 days

Date: October 2016



A10. YEU Developing YOU

This project aims to empower young people and involve them to active participation in youth organizations in their countries. During the project participants will also prepare a package of solution proposals for the existing problems of their societies. The main project partner is Youth for Exchange and Understanding International (YEU). The YEU Pool of Facilitators will also take place on those days which will help to engage young people.

Type of activity: training course

Target Group: 56 young people

Duration: 3 days

Date: April 2016





Description: The project aims to raise awareness about human rights issues by bringing non-formal education  methods in the formal education system through a number of training activities in Human Rights Education. The  programme  will  use  all  the  expertise  achieved  on  the  European  level   especially  the  work  of  the  Council  of  Europe  in  the  field,  (eg.  COMPASS,  COMPASSITO  and  different  campaigns)  and  the  support  of  international  trainers to design modules relevant to the reality of Ganja, the country and the region. The project is two-fold:  from one hand it will include a number of trainings designed and delivered by the Pool of trainers to students in  secondary  education  and  on  the  other  hand  there  will  be  specific  training  courses  for  secondary  education  teachers on how to use and implement non-formal education methods in their teaching in order to train young  people  about,  for  and  with  human  rights.  The  supporting  structures  for  this  project  are  the  international  experts  and  trainers,  human  rights  activists  from  the  city  and  the  region  and  educational  structures. The project aims to foster a culture of human rights and to include human rights education in the  formal educational system.

Type of activity: trainings

Target Group: secondary education students, secondary education teachers   

Duration: 10 months in 2016 (2 days each)

Date: February-November 2016

hashtags: #education #socialcohesion #youthparticipation #humanrights #training 




Description:  A  week  long  festival  that  will  celebrate  European  cultural  diversity  through  arts  and  other  educational  activities  as  a  genuine  form  of  intercultural  learning.  We  will  invite  young  artists  from  different  countries  through  an  open  call  to  present  their  works  in  Ganja.  This  will  include  dance,  music  and  theater  performances  in  different  venues  around  the  city  and  in  the  streets  of  Ganja.  The  festival  will  also  include  creative workshops under the title “My Europe” and the works will be presented on the final day of the festival  in a form of exhibition. The support of youth organisations and venues in Ganja will feed into this process. An  international NGOs fair will also be part of the programme. 

Type of activity: festival with educational activities  

Target Group: young people from Ganja and the region, international young artists, young artists from Ganja,  international visitors

Duration: 1 week

Date: August 2016

hashtags: #education #socialcohesion #arts #youthparticipation




Description:  This project will include the EYCs Ganja, Braga, Cluj-Napoka and Thessaloniki. Through the project the delegations of cities consisting of teachers, school directors will travel to each city and learn about their education systems. Later the cities will agree on a common educational system and try to implement it back in the schools of the cities.

Type of activity: project

Target Group: 15 teachers, school directors and workers of educational system from each city

Duration: 5 days in each city

Date: May 2016

hashtags: #employment #culturalheritage #youthparticipation





Description: This project will focus on gender issues and will give the voice to young women to express their concerns about their participation in social and political affairs. Following a series of workshops for the exchange  of best practices with international participants, a campaign will be designed and run by young women from  Ganja on their rights and opportunities, together with two small training courses focusing from one hand on  employment and on the other hand on young women’s access to political life. The international experts and women organisations will provide  support in this project together with 

Type of activity: project

Target Group: young women from Ganja and abroad, aspiring young female politicians and professionals

Duration: 5 days

Date: February 2016

hashtags: #socialcohesion #youthparticipation #youngwomen #employment 




Description:    Using  the  method  of  oral  history,  young  people  recruited  from  an  open  will  be  trained  and  supported to document the stories of their grandparents or elder people about their personal history related to  the  city  of  Ganja.  The  stories  will  be  documented  through  easy  image  register  methods   (photo  cameras,  phones),  they  will  be  edited  by  the  young  people  with  the  support  of  young  audiovisual  professionals.  The  audiovisual products will be uploaded on a website. Through the memories of elder generations, the project will  allow young people to reflect on how Ganja used to be and where it has developed today and will keep alive the  memories of the people of Ganja. This project offers a unique opportunity for intergenerational dialogue.  Publishment of a brochure is also planned.

Type of activity: project

Target Group: young people and  elder generations from Ganja   

Supporting Structures: schools, universities, young audiovisual professionals  

Duration: April 2016 

Long term impact: The project makes an investment in the keeping alive the oral history of the city of Ganja that  can be a legacy for future generations that need to know their past in order to contribute better to their future.  The project also recognizes the value of individual's story telling for the memory of a city and can be the basis of  an enlarged project in the future. It also trains young people in media tools.  

hashtags: #socialcohesion #intergenerationaldialogue #youthpartication




Description:  This  project  consists  in  the  creation  of  an  on7line  tool  that  will  create  a  map  of  the  city  with  information about all the social organisations and the work they are doing. A group of young people will do the  research and get in touch with the entities to gather the information needed and young IT professionals will  develop the on7line tool. The tool will help people to get connected inside their city, to know what it happening  in social terms and where they can contribute as volunteers. 

Type of activity: project

Target Group: social groups and NGOs in Ganja, young people   

Duration: Throughout 2016 (Starting in March)

Long  term  impact:  This  tool  and  expertise  acquainted  throughout  the  process  will  be  offered  to  other  cities (through the Creative Commons approach) that would be interested in developing a similar tool.  

hashtags:  #internet #socialcohesion #youthparticipation




 Description:  The camp will get together young people from all over Europe from different religious backgrounds  to participate in a week long camp focused on interfaith dialogue.The programme of the camp will be based on  the  principle  and  practice  of  non-formal  education  and  will  a  adopt  a  learner7centered  approach  taking  into  account the needs, interests and experiences of participants.

Type of activity: project

Target Group: 100 young people from all over Europe   

Supporting Structures: trainers, international experts and trainers   

Duration: 1 week in summer 2016

Date: August 2016

hashtags: #socialcohesion #interfaithdialogue #youthparticipation 





 Description:  In  cooperation  with  environmental  NGOs  in  Ganja,  this  project  will  organise  citizens  and  young  people of Ganja in a productive way in order to improve the environment they live in. A different set of activities  will  be  organised  each  month,  ranging  from  cleaning  of  different  neighbourhoods  to  planting  of  trees.  These  activities will put the basis of long-lasting cooperation between young people and environmental NGOs. 

Type of activity: project 

Target Group:  young people in Ganja and the surrounding region in cooperation with environmental NGOs in  Ganja and the region

Duration: Throughout the whole year 2016, 3 days per month  

hashtags: #volunteering #environment #citydevelopment #youthparticipation




Description:  This  project  aims  to  bring  to  the  surface  the  importance  of  volunteering  through  theater  improvisation.  A  group  of  local  and  european  young  actors  are  going  to  be  trained  in  the  method  of  improvisation through 3 workshops in different moments throughout the year. After each workshop there will  be 4 performances that will take place in Ganja and in other cities in Azerbaijan. The performances will “put on  stage” stories from volunteers that will be among the public. The aim is to to raise awareness about the benefits  but also the difficulties of volunteering through personal stories of young people. A special effort will be made  to  have  among  the  public  different  volunteers  with  international  volunteering  experience,  especially  through  European youth programmes. 

Target Group: european and local actors, young people in Ganja and the region   

Duration: 3 workshops and 12 performances throughout the whole year   

Type of activity: project and training

Duration: 7 days in 2016

Long term impact: raise awareness around international volunteer opportunities, contribute to the recognition  of volunteering, encourage young people to participate in volunteering activities  

hashtags: #volunteering #youthparticipation  #arts #interculturaldialogue













Description: Using the legacy of work that has been done so far in this field, namely during the European Year of  Volunteering  and  different  working  groups  of  the  European  Youth  Forum,  we  want  to  bring  together  practitioners and policy makers from the Caucasus region to work towards a common understanding of “quality volunteering”, identify and disseminate good practice in the field of recognition and quality assessment tools used by volunteer organisations and draft recommendations that would be adopted to the reality in our region. 

Type of activity: working group

Target Group: youth practitioners, volunteers, youth workers, policy makers from the Caucasus region  

Duration: 5 days event

Date: April 2016

hashtags: #volunteering #youthparticipation #recognition #policy #internationalcooperation 





Description: This training on social entrepreneurship will provide young entrepreneurs with the tools to start of  strengthen  their  social  enterprise,  aware  of  the  economic,  social  and  cultural  challenges  and  opportunities  within the Caucasus and European region. These people will be supported by their peers and experienced social  entrepreneurs  and  a  professional  fundraiser  to    bring  into  life  or  improve  their  idea.  International  collaborations will be encouraged. The project will give the opportunity to 20 young people to invest in a social  idea and will allow them to network with other peers and create also job opportunities for other young people.  

Type of activity: project and training

Target Group: 30 people from Caucasus and rest of Europe, 30 people from other cities, 20 from Ganja.   

Supporting Structures: Trainers, international experts, private companies  

Duration: 5 days in 2016

Date: July 2016 

hashtags: #employment #socialcohesion #internationalcooperation #youthparticipation















Description:  The stimulation of small business and the craftwork is one of the pilars of Ganja's economy. This  fair  will  contribute  to  preserve  the  cultural  assets  of  the  city  and  give  to  young  unemployed  people  the  possibility to think about the opportunities of being a craftsman. This event intends to increase the visibility of  this opportunity getting the city in more in touch with their local reality. Our aim is to constitute  this to a yearly  regular event. We want to achieve a collaboration with the European Association of craft, small and medium-sized  enterprises  for  this  activity  in  order  to  maximize  outcomes.  The project will also help to present the culture of Azerbaijan to foreign guests of the city.

Type of activity: project and fair  

Target Group: 80 Local and International craftsman  (especially from the EEAC)  (30 people from Caucasus and rest of Europe, 30 people from other cities, 20 from Ganja)

Duration: 5 days

Date: August 2016

hashtags: #employment #culturalheritage #youthparticipation



E3. Career Bus

Description:  This project will have a close cooperation with – the web-resource for young people. The CV-bus will move through Ganja to different cities of Azerbaijan and give young people who want to have their own business advices and knowledge.  Also, we plan to organize 3-days long trainings in 3 universities of Ganja with 20 people about finding a job and entrepreneurship.  The whole duration of the project is 21 months.

Type of activity: project and training

Target Group: more than 100 of young people

Duration: 21 months (trainings 3 days)

Date: Throughout 2016

hashtags: #employment #culturalheritage #youthparticipation


F.Key Celebration Events



 Description: It will mark the beginning of the Youth Capital year. This will be a unique opportunity for  visibility and to present the highlights of the programme to a number of youth representatives inviting them in  the same time to participate in a number of activities throughout 2016. The event will mark the beginning of the  Ganja  2016  programme  and  will  bring  to  the  spotlight  the  programme  activities.  Our  aim  is  to  attract  international  attention  through  this  event  and  to  maintain  the  momentum  of  interest  for  the  rest  of  the  programme activities.  The representatives of other European Youth Capitals will also be invited to present their cities and the work they have done. 

Target Group: European Youth Forum delegates, representatives of other European Youth Capitals, local authorities, local entities involved in the programme,  national stakeholders, private companies  (funders), general public etc. 

Duration: 1 day

hashtags: #youthparticipation #internationalcooperation